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About us

Peyban Geotechnical Services Company was established from the beginning of 2007 and started its professional activity by gathering a number of experts in the geotechnical department. So far, this group has implemented more than 200 projects in Tehran and other cities and has always considered, while improving the quality of the current situation, creativity and innovation, teamwork and optimal use of facilities, the talent of its employees and focusing on appropriate opportunities to provide services. It is better for esteemed employers to achieve a superior position in the sector of good stabilization industry.

Creating a suitable structure to improve the quantity and quality of services related to this part of the construction industry, with the aim of providing better services, updating relevant technologies, reducing construction costs, implementing projects in the shortest possible time, maintaining and promoting environmental safety and health Work, entering the technical and engineering market of the region and creating more cooperation in major projects of the country are other perspectives of Peyban Geotechnical Services Company.


Our Mission

  • Satisfaction of customers by providing superior services and quality
  • Reduce operating costs in this part of the construction phase
  • Providing services to construction companies on a contract or partnership basis
  • Investing in the possibility of transferring technology and experience
  • Use of quality materials required according to domestic and foreign standards
  • Maintaining the principle of capital and promoting it
  • Preserving the protection and values of the company
  • Increase the productivity of human resources and improve their capabilities

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