Performance monitoring

Monitoring the short-term and long-term performance of the implementation and the quality of the materials to evaluate the performance of the nailing wall. The employer’s representative, contractor, or a combination of both depending on the method of the contract (step-by-step method or performance method), can inspect the construction of the wall. Performance monitoring is usually performed by the employer’s representative.

If the monitoring process is well managed, it will play a vital role in the high quality of the wall.

Performance monitoring should be considered in the execution of any unusual or critical nailing wall. Examples of unusual or critical walls are walls higher than 10 meters, walls built to widen the road under existing bridges, and walls with very high external overhead.

Also, when building a permanent nailing wall for the first time in a city, it is recommended that performance monitoring be performed.

Performance monitoring tools for such walls should include an inclinometer, surveying points on the wall, load cells, and strain gauges. Inclinometer and surveying points are used to measure wall displacement during and after construction.

Monitoring may include an assessment of the following:

Matching system components with material specifications booklet

Matching construction methods with the executive specifications booklet

Matching with short-term performance specifications booklet

Long-term supervision, if required by contract.

Consulting and project control

The purpose of controlling and optimizing the design is to use the best and most compatible methods according to the project conditions and to achieve the most economical and safe possible design for each specific project. In Peyban Company, the members of the design team always try to present designs that consider the proper performance of the stabilized excavation and the economy of the project, and in addition to structural safety, reduce construction costs and wasting materials. All submitted designs are in accordance with the regulations of the US Federal Roads Regulations (is the basis of excavation stabilization designs by nailing and anchorage) and the criteria presented in the publications of the Engineering System Organization of Iran and are fully executable according to the specific conditions and restrictions of each project.

Peyban Geotechnical Services Company

Payban Company, with its experienced experts in the field of civil engineering and having up-to-date knowledge in the field of time management and project planning, is ready to provide consulting and executive services for civil engineering projects in the field of excavation stabilization.