Payban Geotechnical Services Company, relying on modern technical and engineering knowledge and new engineering technologies in the field of executive and technical, and having a complete set of heavy and semi-heavy geotechnical machines is ready to provide services Respect that management.

Payban Geotechnical Services Company, with a group of top geotechnical specialists, equipped with soil mechanics laboratory with grade 2 of the Ministry of Roads, precision instruments and high-precision devices for mapping and monitoring, provides the following services using methods such as micropile implementation ( Micropile), Execution of concrete, soil and cement piles (jet grouting and deep soil mixing), (Top-Down), Nailing, Anchorage, Truss guard structures, Mutual restraint, Cement slurry injection, Shotcrete execution and others Performs geotechnical methods.

The main services of Payban Geotechnics Company are as follows, depending on the needs of the project: